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Daxdodo started as a hobby way back in the 1980’s, it is now the biggest shop in NL specializing in japanese custom parts and original mini 4-stroke Honda’s. Some of the japanese parts we import directly and stock actively, other parts we buy from wholesale companies in Europe. We love all type of small Honda bikes, very original CZ100’s or tuned Chaly’s, Monkeys, Daxes or Monkey-R. Also the SS50, the C50, the MSX, the ‘new 125 Monkey’ and the Dream CB50. For the Honda Dream 50 we made our own ‘Superhead’, the only way to make a Dream a bit faster. If you are interested in this head, please leave us a message. Also we stock some Honda Nice (tuning)parts and distribute for German tuningcompanies TJR and TRP. Because we consider Daxdodo still a small business and a hobby, sometimes response times can be a bit longer in this digital era. We try to keep our stock low, so sometimes the lead time for parts made to order in Japan can be a bit longer. If you are in a hurry, please ask for an estimated leadtime in advance.

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Bespoke custom made parts for your mini4stroke, Honda Monkey125, classic Monkey, Monkey-R

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